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UltraSonic Face Cleanser

Advanced Skin Care Technologies

Our Adage

Do not decide your beauty standards based on the consequence of the past.

Skin Peeling

Diantha utilizes Ultrasound to stimulate blood circulation, thus increasing the amount of oxygen to the cell, which excites collagen proteins and aid in waste removal promoting new layers of skin.

Ultrasonic face spatula is suitable for rosacea skin.

It offers a non-invasive and non-abrasive treatment for all sensitive skin types.

Ion Technology

Diantha's Positive ions provide deep cleansing from impurities and Negative ions aid in nutrition absorption.

Bio Blue Light

Clinically proven to eliminate acne-causing bacteria and inflammation hence providing acne clear skin



Two modes are available under Ultra, Continuous Wave mode for deep cleaning, and pulsed wave mode for lifting. Both vibration modes can be heard and easily distinguished.


High level cleansing mode. You can hear continuous sonic vibrations under this setting.


Sonophoresis mode. You can hear the continuous sonic vibration and feel ions under this setting.

Inside the Box

Main device-waterproof
USB charging cable
User manual

Enjoy a clean and revived skin that enhances your confidence and reveals your true inner beauty.

Use with your favorite cleansing serum or oil with great commitment, and you will reap fantastic results.


Your Purchase Help us Achieve our Goals for Three Porjects


Discover the power of UltraSonic Face Cleanser! Our innovative device harnesses powerful ultrasonic waves to quickly yet gently exfoliate and deeply penetrate the skin's pores. ...

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5.0 average
221 reviews

I just received the product. Very decent packaging and looks good quality. can not wait to try it



I just received my package, I will use it with aloe vera to have younger looking skin.

Kate H.

Los Angeles, CA

It really good, been using it for only one week twice a week. Can not wait to see more results.



I am using it with grape seed oil and its great for my skin.



Super excited just got the package so happy

Natasha J.


I wanted to invest in a high quality one to keep my skin in good condition after my skin treatments. Thank you its great.

Daisy M


Absolutely love it

Mona M


Good quality and arrived earlier. first day of trying it and i'm very excited

Bailey Ramirez

Los Angeles, CA

Delivered earlier than expected. Very fancy packaging. I can't wait to try it


CA, United States

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